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May 14, 2005 at 07:04 AM

Load data from two ODS Objects to an InfoCube


Hello all,

I am a student and working on a SAP BW project. The scenario I am working on is like this:

I have two database tables loaded to two ODS Objects. These tables have a 1:N foreign key relationship. Now I like to load both ODS Objects to one InfoCube. The data should be joined with an outer join.

As I try this with to Update Rules the relationship between the data is lost.

I tried to model both tables as InfoObjects and included one InfoObject as Attribute in the other. Then I loaded all master data and loaded only the basis InfoObject to the InfoCube. The result was better but as expected was it like an inner join, but I need an outer join.

I know that I can use InfoSet and MultiInfoCube as well but I do not like to do this. Also it is possible to join the data at the source system but this is in our scenario not possible.

I read something about RTTI and loading from another ODS in the start routine of update rules but this article was to high level for me, I need a step by step instruction with example. Because I am not familiar with ABAP and just started with SAP BW.

As far as I can see the problems are:

- How can I access from an update rule start routine other ODS Objects and load there data

- How can I use this data in update routines for single InfoObjects in the same update rule

Thanks for any answer!