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Feb 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM

ALV standard filter functionality



I have a WDA with an ALV standard component SALV_WD_TABLE , so it has the filter functionality and it works with most of fields , but i have a field for order (VBELN) and when i write an existing order and press filter button the value changes to internal format so any record apperas.

I mean the ALV show several records, one of them with order number 89012 , then i enter in top of ALV 89012 and press filter button, but this value is changed to 0000089012 so that order does not exits in ALV records and no one record appears.

If i change the context table attribute Order to STRING type instead to VBELN type the filter works because the filter button does not add zeros to value entered.

Does some body knows if there is a way to solve these without change the Context table attribute to STRING type ?