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Feb 16, 2012 at 05:48 PM

Deleting MultiCube deleted all dimension tables of underlying BaseCube



I recognized that the MultiCube wasn't what I needed and decided to delete it.

Normally, deleting a Multicube isn't a problem and it has no influence on the InfoCubes that belong to him. But now we had a bad surprise. Deleting the MultiCube stopped with error messages whicj said that some tables couldn't be deleted.

When I examinded the table names I saw that BW tried to remove all dimension tables of one of the physically InfoCubes which belong to the MultiCube.

I guessed that the warning wouldn't lead to a data loss but when I tried to check data directly from the physical cube I got a new error message: One of the dimesion tables are unknown. Then I tried to check all dimension tables of the cube. They are all lost 😔

I checked the tables in SE11 and saw that they aren't tables any more but structures.

Any idea what could have happened in this case?