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May 13, 2005 at 04:40 PM

How to "put" iView onto my page...?


Hi, I have just created an iView and I have the .par file. I exported this par file to my portal. Right now, in order for me to look at iView in my EP6.0, I go: Java Development --> Development --> Component Inspector --> Then, at this point, I look for my JSP project inside the Portal Components page that appears --> Click the [Details] link --> Click [Start]. At this point, a new window opens with my 'iView' running.

My question is usually iViews are locked on a page on the portal(EP6.0), how can I get mine to be locked on a page on my portal. If possible, please provide detailed instruction?

Thanks so much,


*P.S: If I am using incorrect technical terms, please correct me -thank you!