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Former Member
Feb 16, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Copying control -- Invoice to Proforma Invoice


Dear all,

I am creating a creating a order related invoice. After the invoice is created and posted I need to create Proforma Invoice.

This proforma Invoice is created with reference to the standard invoice.

When I am creating Proforma Invoice I am getting an Log (error) that " Item is not relevent for billing"

I checked the billing relevence and it is set as B 'Order related billing - status according to order quantity'

I checked the copying control also and the copy control from invoice to Proforma Invoice is as follows

Header: F2 (Invoice) to F5 (Pro Invoice) as below

Copying requirement: 007 'Header/Order Proforma Invoice'

Reference Number : E 'Current billing document number'

Copy Item number: field is checked

Item Data: Copying requirement: 008 ' Item Order Proforma

Pricing type: D 'Pricing unchanged'

Please reply with your expert advice on what could be the problem with configuration. I had tried but unable to get the answer.