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May 13, 2005 at 01:49 PM

how to map single context value attribute to multiple value attributes?



is there any way to map a single value attribute

from view's context into several value attributes

in controller's context?

The business context of what I want to achieve

is the following: I have a view which can be called

in two modes: read only (RO) and read-write (RW).

The input parameters to the view are the same for

both modes, however when in RO mode, the view calls

a different set of web services than when called

in RW mode. Before calling each of the web services

I need to populate their context value attributes

with appropriate input values.

I know I can do it in Java code, but is it possible

to do it without any programming (doing it in the

source code is prone to errors)?

Any help highly appreciated.