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Feb 16, 2012 at 01:14 AM

Requirment to divide the huge IDOC XML file


Hello Everyone,

I have to split a huge IDOC xml file . I have made use of Michals Blog to split the file by changing the occurrence and also by making use of some logic in mapping. As i have 50 MB of file, i managed to create one node with ZIZBSD_SLSFCT and then 10000 idocs within that node. Likewise i create 5 big nodes having 10000 idocs within that.

However, when it got processed i got Lock table overflow error at BW side. i did not understood that when i send BW 10000 idocs individually then its processing , but its failing when i am dividing in mapping side. Is it becasue , its not able to create 5 TRFC calls?