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May 13, 2005 at 09:48 AM

Uploading PDF-file from unix to SAP internal table



i have to write an abap that sends a pdf-file from a unix (SAP server) by mail to some people.

The mailing part is done, but for creating the attachment. I'm reading the pdf-file into an internal table (in a binary way). Then i'm using this int.table to send the mail.

The email is sent with an attachment, but i cannot open the pdf-file because of an error ( file damaged ). So before sending it by mail, i'm downloading the pdf file to my pc by using WS_DOWNLOAD with the same internal table. The download file gives the same error.

If i look at the size :

- originally pdf file 71743 bytes

- resulting pdf file 71665 bytes (281 lines x 255)

The creation of the internal table is as follows :

 open dataset g_file for input in binary mode. 
  check sy-subrc eq 0. 
*    read dataset g_file MAXIMUM LENGTH 255 into wa_pdf. 
    read dataset g_file into wa_pdf. 
    if sy-subrc ne 0. exit. endif. 
    append wa_pdf_hex to i_pdf. 
  close dataset g_file.


types:  tt_pdf  type table of soli,   "raw 255 long 
data: i_pdf type tt_pdf, 
         wa_pdf like line of i_pdf

Is there a better way to read in the pdf-file ? Any suggestions ?