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Feb 15, 2012 at 03:51 PM

Universe Object Count Limit



In our sales database, for each department we track sales based on the sales channels that are used (direct to consumer, retail, warehouse etc). Each channel has its own extensive list of aggregates, measures, filters etc and is contained in its own root level folder. We initially created a single universe containing 2 of these channels since that's all we were tracking. Our analysts frequently need to write reports that contain objects from multiple channels.

As we have started tracking more channels, the question that has come up is that should we create separate universes or keep cramming those new channels into the same universe?

1) Is there a BO recommended object count in a single universe?

2) If we choose to have one giant universe with more than 1000 objects , other than maintanability, is there any other performance concerns or othet negative implications?

Thanks for any suggestions.

We are using BOXI 3.1 SP4