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Former Member
May 13, 2005 at 09:34 AM

Multi Mapping


Is it possible to do multi-mapping using synchronous abstract interfaces?

My Scenario is like below

My input file will have multiple transaction and for each I have to call BAPI and get a synchronous response. After receiving response of the first transaction, BAPI needs to be called for second transaction. Similarly, BAPI has to be called for all the transaction. Is it possible do do multiple calls using multi mappings synchronously?

To explain more:

I am getting input from Source System and the structure of the input file like

   |_ EASET (Occurance 1.. unbounded)
       |_ Header (occurance 0..1)
           |_ Field1
           |_ Field2
       |_ Deail (Occurance 0.. unbounded)
           |_ FieldD1
           |_ FieldD2

Now I need to make a synchronous RFC call to a BAPI which can take one Header and multiple details. My requirement is use the same bapi an call multiple times for multiple EASET available in the input structure and get back the response. Is this possible in XI?