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Feb 15, 2012 at 02:16 PM

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio and (Wcf) Web Services


I´m evaluating Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2010. I want to read data from a (Wcf) Webservice into the predefined Reports and deliver them to the Users in an ASP.NET Application. As far as I see reading Webservices via the XML/Webservice datasource works good in the Crystal Reports 2011 Applications - But I have Problems with the Integration of the XML/Webservice datasource in the CRVS2010 Environment.

I read your Article on sdn:

which helped us to enable the XML Datasource in the CRVS2010 environment on a Machine where Crystal Reports 2011 and VS2010 is installed, but this required copying DLL´s and installing the JRE.

But I´m not able to run the XML/Webservices datasource on a webserver in a ASP.NET Application where Crystal Reports 2011 is not installed (only the runtime) - the above post doesn´t help because the path structure is completely different on my machine. Is there a manual, which helps me to enable the XML datasoucre and the CRVS2010 runtime ?

I´m not sure if reading XML is the best practice for a new Project, especially after reading your article at

I´m now evaluating ADO.NET XML as mentioned in your article, but I´m not sure if this is the right decision.

Is there a a new version for Visual Studio 2010 of the example ?

BTW: All examples in the Sample Code for Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2010 reference Assemblies in Version 14, which are not present on my machine. I had to find/replave 14 through 13, before they are compilable. Did I made a mistake during installation ?