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Feb 15, 2012 at 07:43 AM

Problems while using SWEC


Hello Experts,

I am facing a peculira problem which are differnet in two server.

I was just trying to raise event via SWEC while creating a material.

The steps we are supposed to perform were done..

SWU3 configuration was found ok

we created a entry in SWEC with material object id..BUS1001 BOR ..create event and the radio button on create is checked.

SWEL is checked and event trace was switch on also..

Now we creted a material but we did not find any trace if SWEL..we are really lost as this is a very basic things which was suppoed to work..

Same way it was implemented in another server and we found that it is working fine in anothers server, everything was similar

to the previous server and also we crosschecked with SWU3.

Is there any other tcode / configuration things needs to be checked which we missed?

Please help me regarding the above scenario as we are not getting it .First sap server it was not working bur it was working fine in the second an we need to work with the first server only.