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Feb 15, 2012 at 05:48 AM

How to get the WGTyp Amt from RT for EDLI,Admin,PFAdmin in Posting.


Hi Gurus,

I have made the division by 100000 in the PCR for EDLI,Admin,PF Amin,Run the Payroll with schema ZN00 checked the RT table,

As per the New PCR amounts.

  • /3F7 EDLI contri0101 1,250,000.00

  • /3F8 EDLI adm ch0101 25,000.00

  • /3F9 PF adm chrg0101 2,750,000.00

  • 93F7 EDLI C0101 12.50

  • 93F8 EDLI A0101 0.25

  • 93F9 PF Adm0101 27.50

Now when i try to remove the Sym.Acc from /3F7,8,9 , assign them to 93F7,8,9 & run the posting, it not working . Except PTax,PF "EE & ER" contributing no other posting is happening.

Requesting you all to please guide me on the same??? i am badly stuck with this.