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Feb 15, 2012 at 05:47 AM

Added JAR files are removing while Building


Dear Gurus,

I will explain my problem.

I am developing a portal standalone application.There I have to read one Excel file.

So I used 'jxl-2.6.jar' which was not available in the server.

I have created one external library project and uploaded respective jar to server.

I have checked the same in visual admin as per blog ""

and it was fine.

Now my problem is if I build my project, it is showing the error in import statement.

I have tried these all

1) added that jar as used DC

2) added the library project as project reference

3) in Java build path i have added 'Add JARs'.

When I am adding this no error but when i build, it will show error and it is removing this jars from Java build path.

Thanks in advance,