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Feb 14, 2012 at 10:42 PM

Managing change to database passwords for Crystal Reports on the BOE server


Hello we have a current issue we are trying to come up with a cleaver way to solve. We have written multiple Crystal reports using the same database connection and straight sql as the datasource for the Crystal Reports. Our security policy requires us to periodically change the password used in these reports.

We are looking for a cleaver way to:

1) Identify all of the reports connecting to a certain database and user id.

2) Change the password when required for all of the reports affected;

3) Make sure any future recurring scheduled reports pick up the new password.

We are at a loss to come up with an easy way of doing this. We have searched the audit database to see if we could find a way to at least identify the reports. We downloaded the Schedule Manager tool and this helps us identify the reports, but this tool has limitations like being able to only act on one page of reports.

I'm thinking once we come up with an easy way to change the password, we import all of the affected reports from production to our development environment make all of the changes in development. Then on the night of the password change import all of the changed reports into production.

If anyone else has a good idea for this issue, please respond.