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Feb 14, 2012 at 09:14 PM

Wage Type display in RT (Results Table) for hours - PCR rule


Hi All,

I am very new to Schema, i dont know much about it.

Here is my requirement

i have wage types

5552 £10.53 which is stored in basic pay 0008

5553 40 hours stored in 2010

Indirect evaluation module TARIF Variant B - for both wagetype

Valuation bases V_512W_B - for both wagetype (because this is how they wanted)

Valuation basis - TS

*StatemntWT - 5552*

% Rate - 100

when i run payroll using a standard schema in the payroll log RT (Results Table). i can see

1 5552 10.53 which is from basic pay 0008 infotype

1 5552 10.53 40 hours 421.2

its all fine but My Requirement is i also wanted to display 5553 in the log along with the 40 hours like

1 5552 10.53

1 5552 10.53 40 421.2

*1 5553 40*

All i found is that i have to create a PCR rule but since i am very new to Schema. i really don't know were is PCR in schema & i dont know how to write PCR.

Please help, Thank You So Much in Advance (please let me know if u need any more details)