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May 12, 2005 at 08:59 PM

Pls help! Questions on iView manual...


Hi, this question is regarding manual named: <b>'Introduction to Custom Java iViews With the SAP Portal Development Kit'</b>

I have EP 6.0, PDK imported into EP 6.0, Eclipse 2.1 with SAP plugin v1.2. I have gone through this manual(address pasted below) and had no problems until I hit page 52. Here are my 3 questions:

<b>1.)</b> Regarding Pg. 52, step #2, I downloaded the file from my EP 6.0 (Java Development >Development >Downloads page) But there is no file called Where can I get this file?

<b>2.)</b> Is this causing the error that Eclipse cannot recognize these two imports inside file ''. This file automatically opend up with errors on Eclipse after I clicked 'Finish' on page 50. *I got templateJSPDynPage.par from Java Development >Documentation >Getting Started >Tutorials/JSP DynPage(on Getting Started Panel) > Inside article near page top is a link called 'download template'.

Errors with these two packages:



<b>3.</b> Regarding the HTMLB library page on EP 6.0 (Java Development --> Examples --> HTMLB Control Overview) Is this the entire HTMLB library listed here with links & examples? or is there other libraries?

PDF Manual address: to custom java iviews with the sap portal development kit.pdf

Thank you so very much for any responses or suggestions!