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Feb 14, 2012 at 08:12 PM

Crystal v10 web developer, Server 2003, report export crash


I've recently migrated our Crystal v10 web developer install from a Server2000 box to a Server 2003 box running IIS.

The processes we are doing takes input, runs a crystal report against a sql2000 server to generate the report and exports it as a pdf file so another automated processes can pick it up and email it out. It works find on the Server2000 box running IIS. On the Server 2003 box running IIS we get a nice C0000005 error in the event log and it terminates the script.

I know that IIS under 2003 is much more restrictive than the old version running under 2000. I have ensured there are enough file rights that a file can be created. We also replaced the report with a simple one that has simply text on it, no database pull. It seems that when we execute it, it creates a 0 byte file in the directory, the error appears in the event log, the processes crashes and the file is locked until we restart the server.

I've searched fairly far and wide looking for a solution to the issue. Most advice points towards permission/rights issues. We've got those covered now.

As an aside. I am able to both run a crystal report through another asp process on the website and generate the report to the browser. From there I can select the option and have the activeX component export it to a pdf. I've another processes that uses VisualCut to run a crystal report through asp web code, it does the pdf export for me and then ftp's it out to another server. So I've enough other examples where I'm able to do similar things. It's just this processes of doing it all inside of the crystal api seems to be causing things to crash when the exact same code worked fine under server2000/IIS.