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Feb 14, 2012 at 03:06 PM

Special depreciaiton in book 01


We use special depreciation in book 01 for financial books in ECC 6 and when special depreciation is posted during a monthend it seems the special depreciation is taken into account for the net book value for the secon half of the month.

is this standard SAP?

For an example

Net book value - 25000

Special depreciaiton booked as of 01/31/2012 10000

Ordinary depreciation calculated on 25000 for half month using SL 10yrs - 1250

ordinary depreciation calculated on 15000 for the second half of the month. -750

I was expecting it would calculate ordinary depreciation of 1500 considering a net book value of 15000 SL and 10yrs

Any clarification is appreciated