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Feb 14, 2012 at 01:55 PM

Message No KJ161



Please note that in forun same messge number is posted which I cannot get help from it. Because same problem I am facing There are values for cost element 712000 that are not assigned to any line ID. Already it is maintained clearly in OKG5, All WIP config is maintained properly. Already Production Order settlment has done before without facing the problem. But today while we prepare one final production order and and below the final production there are 4 separate production order also. Particualry two production order I am getting same error. But the GL is maintianed 712000 under OKG5 as settled indicatror under the line id. Even in OKG4 it is maintained properly with category 31 also. If I change the line id it will not take because this gl is already assigned with one line id. Though this GL is maintained as settled cost as ABR. So in OKG4 under ABR(settled cost) against production order RA KEY no gl is maitained. Because its indicator is A. But same line id maintained with sales order RA Key its indicator is K. So WIP gl , Reverse GL and Cost/Revenue gl is maintained.

Then why it is occuring particular two production order. Though WIP is not there in production order. As a result Sales order wip also not functioning. It is calling in background same gl. What is possible solution. ?

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Samrat Roy

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