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Feb 14, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Promotional Price configuration



Need some help on the promotions configuration and settings required for :

All promotions should have:

option of setting a date range to control when the promotion is applied. It would also be nice

excluding certain materials

excluding certain customer accounts.

u2022 Volume Discount

o When a customer purchases a single unit of one product/part, they will pay their full price.

o If a customer purchases five or more units of the same product the customer will get a 5% discount on those units. The 5% discount would have to be off the customeru2019s net price, not the list price.

An example would be if a customer purchased a fan belt for $100, the total bill would be $100 + shippingIf that customer purchased two fan belts, the cost for each fan belt would $100 u2013 5% = $95 x 2+ $190.00 + shipping.

o Would like to be able to exclude certain materials

u2022 Total Value Discount

o When a customer spends over a certain amount, they get a discount.

. If a customer spends $XX, they get X% their entire order. As long as they meet that minimum dollar purchase, they get the discount.

u2022 An example of this is

o If you spend $100, you get a 10% discount

o If you spend $200, you get a 15% discount

o If you spend $300, you a 20% discount