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Former Member
Feb 14, 2012 at 09:44 AM

Fonts shrinkage when exporting to PDF


I have see this posted a few times but I have not seen a definitive solution.

I am using CR 2010 with VS 2010 on Win7.

I have created a report and it took a while to get the format just right.

When I export it to a PDF file, the report really gets messed up.

1) The font sizes are reduced.

2) The alignment of text fields shifts around.

Even when I use CR 2010 by itself, using the export to PDF feature, the problem exists.

I have seen posted stating to go into the registry and add ForceLargerFonts and put it in the Machine and User sections.

Set its value to 1, blah, blah, blah......

Also, I have seen some posts about overlapping fields and again this is not the case.

Finally, I have seen suggestions as to set the report option to No printer.

I have tried all of these suggestions and it does not work, nor should it be this hard to get this to work properly.

In fact, it should be added as a feature in the report option section with a checkbox.

This problem has been going on since version 7 and it is hard to believe that it still is an issue.

As a work around, I print the file to BullZip and save it as a PDF.

I can automate this in code as well.

Alot of effort to do something that should be very simple.

I would like a real definitive answer.