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May 12, 2005 at 03:34 PM

Dynamic Web Dynpro Project



I am working on a WD app wherein I need to dynamically populate dropdownlists, input fields. Dynamic values are contained in an object that has propertiy values such as id, text (could be a value set), read-only flag, labelid flag etc.....

My issue is depending on the UI element type (dropdownlsit, input field, checkbox etc..) I may have to populate UI element corresponingly. I do not want to yse context nodes to bind values, as I have way too many fields to populate. My question to you is as follows:

1) How do I know the type of the element ?

2) How do I populate the dropdown list ?

3) Show the view manipulation be done only in the wdDoModifyView method only ?

If you have posted code for some of my questions, please paste in your response once again....