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Feb 14, 2012 at 08:15 AM

Client Import/Transport



I am doing a client refresh from PRD to QAS using client export/import method. Exported PRD data using SCC8 and now importing it into QAS using STMS transport. The export took 8 hours while the import ran for about 3 days. My Oracle DB size is about 180GB and have updated DB statistics prior to running the import.

I am looking at ways to improve the import performance.

1. During the import it generated hundreds of redo logs. Will turning off archive logs help to improve performance?

2. I am using a shared transport directory for all my servers DEV, QAS and PRD. The shared transport directory is in DEV.

As the exported file is located in DEV, the import in QAS has to read the exported file remotely, Will it helps if I transfer the

exported files to QAS and run the transport locally on QAS?

I would appreciate anyone who has done the above to share if this will improve the Import performance.

Thank you.