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Feb 14, 2012 at 07:30 AM

Authorisation Group and Auth Code in REFX


Hello Experts,

(a)Requesting some insights into usage of authorsation groups in REFX.

I see that we can define them in config, say we define ZRECN for object RE contract.

We assign it to the Auth Group field in contract fast entry screen.

I see that the in PFCG we can assign the same to a role with object F-RE_Brgrp.

I am not clear on what can we limit in BRGRP and how does it relate to the auth group we defined?? Does it limit access to any tabs?? does it limit the user from editing some functions??

(b) I have defined user status from create, A1, A2 ... to A4 approve and activate, i see that in the status definition configuration we have auth key, what role does it play and where do we define it??

Requesting insights from experts


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