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Feb 14, 2012 at 06:43 AM

Issue with IN00


Hi Gurus,

In the standard scema IN00-000260 COPY INN1- There is no Text available for INN1, It was there yesterday.

When i copied ZE00 from IN00.

Even when i copied the Subscema from INN1-ZES1 in In 000260 Copy=ZES1- Text is not available(Gross to Net Calculation),

I believe system should automatically pick up the Text as it is copied from INN1, but this text is not available.

When i check INN1 in Pe01 its showing INN!- as Gros to Net calculation-India.,But not under IN00.

000230 IF SP=B * If Correction run

000240 COPY INN3 * Gross to net calculation

000250 ELSE * Else

000260 COPY INN1

000270 ENDIF * Endif

Please help me out with the following issue as IN00 & INN1 is the standard functionality???