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Feb 14, 2012 at 04:33 AM

SAP IDES license error



Our ECC6 Ehp3 IDES system got license check error and we can not log in any client.

In command line , I have run license check, the result was OK:

C:\Documents and Settings\ideadm.FWSAP>saplicense -test pf=/usr/sap/IDE/SYS/prof
Protocol saplicense test:
   *** Read sapsytem name
       ok, sapsytem name = IDE
   *** Read message server host
       ok, host = fwsap
   *** Read message server service port
       ok, service port = sapmsIDE
   *** Connect to message server
       ok, connect done
   *** Read hardware key from message server
       ok, got hardware key
   *** Detach from message server
       ok, detached
   *** Check hardware key
       ok, hardware key = Q0399867250
   *** Connect to database
       ok, connected
   *** Check license
       ok, check done
   *** Disconnect database
       ok, database disconnected
test result: license test ok

I have delete SAP* user in USR02 table and set login/no_automatic_user_sapstar = 0 in default.pfl

But when I try to login with SAP*/PASS , it promt error "Name or password incorrect"

Check in Syslog, there was error:SAP-Basis System: Msg server hardware ID missing (HWID_PENDING)

Anyone has idea about this problem? thanks a lot!