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Feb 14, 2012 at 02:26 AM

WF not triggering


Hi All,

We am working on IN WF. I want the wf to trigger upon IN creation. When i use the BOR BUS2030 the WF triggers but when i use ZBUS2030 the WF is not triggering.

We sub-typed it from BUS2030.

1. I see that there is entry in SW06.

2. Also i see the event linkage in SWETYPV.

3. I tested my WF in the TCODE: SWUD i did not see any issues in there.

4. I also tested my WF in SWUE, the WF triggers and the emails are sent accordingly.

When i checked the BOR ZBUS2030. The 'Existence Check' method was not implemented. Not sure if this was causing the problems. So i went and redefined it and copied the same code from BUS2030. But i am not sure how to define the parameters for this method. Not sure what i am missing here.

Could anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance,