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May 12, 2005 at 01:54 PM

HR User Exit error on SAP R3 version 5.0


Could any any please help with this error. Version 5.0 gives an error moving infotype information from a screen structure <b>INNNN</b> to a particuler infotype like <b>416</b>.

i.e <b>MOVE INNNN TO I0416</b>.

<u>Error message:</u>

"I0416" and "INNNN" are not mutually convertible. In Unicode systems, "I0416" must have the same structure layout (fragment view) as"INNNN", regardless of the length of the Unicode character.

Comparison of Structure Layout of I0416 and INNNN:

But when I use MOVE-CORRESPONDING it gives no systax error but it omits passing certain fields.

i.e. I0416-NUMBR it comes back empty on the process after input.