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Feb 14, 2012 at 12:05 AM

System copy from SAP R/3 47x110 with Oracle 10.2 to Oracle 11.2



I want to do a system copy from SAP R/3 4.7 Enterprise 47x110 with Oracle 10.2 to a new machine with same SAP version but with oracle 11.2. (After this I will upgrade to ERP 6.0)

I will do this with export/import but I don't find any documentation (manuals or notes).

I only find this:

Note 1499877 - Oracle 11.2 for R/3 Enterprise 4.7 Ext. Set 1.10

but this note is only for a new installation, I don't know if this work with system copy

Note 516246 - INST- System Copy for SAP Systems based on SAP Web AS 6.20

This don't have information about oracle 11.2

I read the manual "Homogeneous and Heterogeneous System Copy for SAP® Systems Based on SAP Web Application Server 6.20" but this also don't say nothing about oracle 11.2

Can you help me? Where can I find this documentation and what DVDs (master and kernel) should I use?

Best regards