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Feb 13, 2012 at 09:24 PM

Color formatting in 7x workbook converted from 3x


I converted some 3x queries and workbooks to 7x and am in the process of testing them. I have an issue with what the system is doing with formatting in the 7x workbook. Details are below.

In 3x, certain colors default in the executed workbook: blue on the lines, yellow for totals. Where there is data, there is color; all other lines are blank (without color).

This doesnu2019t happen when I convert an existing 3x workbook to 7x. Instead, the system doesnu2019t adjust the coloring on the lines if the report changes. For example: If the original 3x workbook was saved with 100 lines, and taking out a characteristic drill down shortened it to 5, I get 5 lines of data in color (which is correct) and 95 lines that are blank also in color (which is not correct). If a drilldown increases the lines to 150, I get 100 lines of data in color and 50 lines of data with no color formatting whatsoever.

How do I get the formatting of the 7x converted workbook to behave the same way as the original 3x workbook?

I hope there is a resolution for this and I donu2019t have to manually recreate all the workbooks in our system.

Thanks for your time and help.

Janice Madrid