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Feb 13, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Co Product settlement


PP Gurus,

The scenario is like this :

From CRUDE_OIL I produce coproducts Petrol and Naphtha. Petrol as main product. Equivalence numbers 5 and 1 for copructs.

I confirm the operation and consume crude oil 100 Litres.

I do MB31 to post the stock of petrol and naphtha.

So now the costs of crude oil should sit on header. Right? I want to distribute them to Petrol and naphtha.

Should I run CO8A? When I do, I get the error message :Settlement type GES: Total percentage in distribution rules <> 100%

On process order, settlement rule, when I click Check no errors are shown..

If I run KO88, there is nothing to settle.

In the process order settlement distribution rule, I see two line of type OIT category for two coproducts.

Could you guess what am I doing wrong?

Also, with MB31 if stocks are already updated after doing MB31, then shouldnt CO8A be sufficient to settle the cost from header to material produced??Why again KO88 be done if atall be done..

Thanks in advance!!!Points will definitly be rewarded...Please reply asap