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Feb 13, 2012 at 05:45 PM

Storage location custom determination in MRP both for Make that for comps


Hi experts,

i have a requirements enough difficult for me and i'm in trouble.

I try to summarize.

i have one sap plant but differents building using different warehouse and work centers. The requirements from my customers are the following:

During MRP run planned orders for make materials have to contain the receiving storage location that may be XXX if make material is used as comnponents in an other planned o production order that uses a work center mapped in the same XXX storage location ord may be YYY if is used in an other planned order/production order a work center mapped in another building/storage location.

Contemporary the issue storage location of the components present in the planned order (retrieved from BOM) have to contain a storage location that depends on the work center of retrieved routing.

Is there any BAdi or other suggestion to do this and obtain it in one run of MRP? also because once modified the issue storage location of the components this will be the input for creating properly the Purchasing Requisition item to the correct Storage location.

Last point is that this logic have to apply also in creating manually a production order or performing a "Read PP master data function" inside a production order not yet released.

Do you feel feasible a development like this?

or do you suggest a workaround?

Thank a lot