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Feb 13, 2012 at 05:11 PM

Master data for CO object Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxxx not foun


Hi Experts,

In my utility client (Electirc distribution in US) - FERC implemented when we ran the one of the month end activities of FERO transaction code, system displaying the following message:


No master data can be determined for Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxx1 found in the CO summary transaction databases COSS or COSP for the current month.

System Response

The flow of cost trace program cannot continue because it cannot determine the controlling area, company code, business area, and profit center of Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxx1.


In case you already have archived Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxx1 please reload it before restarting the flow of cost trace.

If you did not archive Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxx1 you have a serious database inconsistency that should be analyzed by a CO expert.

If the responsible CO application does not allow to reload an archived object then you can set the default message type of this message to warning. In this case the system will try to find the missing master data in the IS-U/FERC tables for the periods already processed.

If you still receive an error then Reconciliation Obj. 00000000000000xxxxx1 has never been processed before or belongs to a different controlling area. "

I didn't understand why system displayed this error message and also found one SAP note 728899 but when I check in system its not for my version and its for older version.

Please share your ideas and experiences its an urgent.

Awaiting your replies.

Thanks & Regards