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Feb 13, 2012 at 04:32 PM

Dynamic Actions and Delimiting Infotypes


We are trying to write a dynamic action so that when an infotype is delimited as part of a personnel action a notification is sent to a users SAP Business Workplace (SAP inbox).

We have written the dynamic action to look at the end date of the infotype and if this is not equal to 31.12.9999 then generate the notification.

The problem we have found is that the dynamic action does not seem to recognise the end date being changed when this is done via a delimit. The personnel action uses operation LIS9. As part of the testing I changed the operation to MOD in the personnel action which meant that I changed the end date of the infotype in change mode and the dynamic action then worked perfectly so the issue must be specifically to do with ending the infotype using the delimit operation.

Has anyone else had problems with dynamic actions being triggered by an infotype being delimited?