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Feb 13, 2012 at 03:17 PM

liveCache - Alert : Database Structure Check



Very first....we are early birds on liveCache System, May our questions look nothing..Pl help.

in LC10 --> LCA --> liveCache Monitoring

Do you want to branch to the "Open Alerts" display ? ( showing a Pop-UP - When i click yes)

I see table with following columns.

Context : MaxDB Monitoring: LCA

Object Name : Database Structure Check

Short Name : Last Check Return Code

Status : ACTIVE

Alert text : 0002

Dobule Click :0002)

(D51\MaxDB Monitoring: LCA\...\Database Structure - C: No method assigned)

Checked the DB structures as mentioned in the following link

The check completed in 5 mins

Attempted to read the log files as mentioned in the following link :

I saw 5 files got created

a) Utility Statements

b) DBA Action log

c) Database Messages

d) Database Messages [verbose]

e) Database Manager Log file

Really not understood what log file to see, What it did against DB structure is unknown?

can any one flash a clue.

We mostly worked on Oracle, unknowingly colored with ORACLE.