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Feb 13, 2012 at 01:21 PM

Error Message in AS91 Upload


I am trying to upload certain assets through AS91 in the Production system. But when I try to do it, system is giving the following error message :

"Depreciation area 01 in company code XXXX does not have default values

Message no. AC691

Depreciation area 01 in company code 1200 does not have any default values.

System Response



Enter default values for the depreciation area in Customizing, or change the entries in your depreciation key, so that default values are not required for this depreciation area."

I have configured a default depreciation key for the asset class I am trying to upload the assets.

I did not get this message in the Quality system where I uploaded the assets successfully. The settings in Qulity & productions are same. Why I am getting this message in Production ? Did I miss any change transport to Production ?