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Dec 23, 2016 at 08:18 PM

How to copy UDF´s to another database?


Hi everybody, so we have a couple of databases and one of them are just for testing. The test database has some UDF´s and I was to copy them manually but then I realized that are more than a couple so I know there´s a way to copy with some tool.

I think that DTW could work for that or maybe QuickCopy. So basically I want to know your opinion of which one could be the easiest way or maybe the most practical and a short explication of how to do it.

One last thing, is it possible to make a label on a SAP form? I attached a photo with an example. My boss want to put a static label like the one indicated in number 1, I know that I can make a UDF and give it some values like the one in the number 2 but he wants just one static label.

Thanks and regards


layout-label.png (21.0 kB)