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Feb 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Excel Functions Do Not Work When Data Source is BW



My platform is, BOBJ BI 4.0. Data source is SAP BW. BW is connected to XCelsius with BEx. My problem is, excel functions do not work when data source is BW. For example, Excel cell A1=quantity1 B1= quantity2 C1= excel function "=A1+B1" When data source is Excel, for example A1=5, B1=9 C1 automatically equals to 14. (There is no problem when data source is Excel) But, in BW, for example when BW set values to A1=5, B1=9, the system does not calculate C1. C1 always equals to initial value, the system does not care any excel calculation when data source is BW. Any guess for my problem? Thank you for your effort.