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Feb 13, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Query on a multiprovider does not display data correctly


Hi Experts,

I have Multiprovider which contains a cube and a DSO.

The cube has 0CUSTOMER,0MATERIAL, 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM,0FISCVARNT in addition to other characterisrics and KFs.

The DSO has Key fields: 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM and 0FISCVARNT. And Data fields ZIMTXT, 0MATERIAL and 0QUANTITY.

Now we are creating a query on the multiprovider which should display 0CUSTOMER,0MATERIAL, 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM, ZIMTXT with all the other KFs from the cube.

But the query displays the result as below:

Customer Customer Name Supplier Material Material Document Material Doc. Item Item Text

# # # 4 4900000736 1 Text1


4900000738 1 Text2 #

4900001446 1 Text3 #

We want the query to display only one record for the material document number and not double records as it is displaying now.

Ps: Cube is non cumulitive so we cannot create a join.

Please let me know any ides on how we can display only single record for each material doc number. thanks.