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Feb 13, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Legacy Data Transfer Using AS100


Hi Friends,

I'm performing mid year Legacy Data Transfer Using AS100. It's a mid year data transfer. I facing problem while transferring assets purchased in current year.

My FY is Sept to Aug

Transfer date is 31.01.2012

Current year asset cap date: 10.10.2011

While creating this asset using AS100, I receive this message

"Table TRANSACTIONS is not maintained completely Message no. BAPI1022018"

Structure of the Excel is as follows. Am I missing something? Please provide your inputs!

0 legacy AssetNumber

1 Comp AssetClass Descrip Descrip2 InvNo Qty SerialNo

2 CC Plant Manufact CapDate Location

3 DepArea DepKey UseLife ULinPeriod DepStart

4 SequenceNumberOfAssetLineItems RealDepreciationArea TransactionType Amountposted PostingDate



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