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Feb 13, 2012 at 10:06 AM

BW authorization issue.


Hi Guru's,

I have an issue with BW authorizations and I can't find an acceptable solution for it. Can you advise?

We run BW 7.0.

I have created analysis profiles with RSECADMIN and I have inderted them in object SRS_AUTH.

0CO_AREA and 0COMP_CODE are set to be authorisation relevant.

Query is set to retreive allowed values from authorizations.

0COMP_CODE is based on hierarchy.

All roles work just as designed: they restrict users to their own Business unit.

But!! Now I have some users who need to be assigned authorisations to 2 business units.

And they are the only two in their Business unit who needs this, so I just assigned them the relevant role for both Business units.

Thus, they have role A (0CO_AREA 2100, 0COMP_CODE 2138) and role B ((0CO_AREA 5400, 0COMP_CODE 5478)

Everything else in the role is the same for both.

No, when these users select e.g. CompCode 2138, they get a message : No authorisation. Same for 5478.

When I assign just one of these roles, they work just fine. When conbined, all ends in error.

Does anybode know how to solve this, other than create new analysis profile?

Many thanks in advance!

Regards, Luisella.