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May 12, 2005 at 09:35 AM

Namespace http://com.Mine is not defined in the software component version



Can anyone help with a problem I am having with SAP XI 3.0

I have created a new Namespace within the SAP BASIS 6.20 Software component version withing the SAP Basis Software Component and am attempting to develop some content in the Design tool.

However no matter what I try after I create an object, for example a DataType, when I activate it I get the message

Activation of the change list canceled Check result for Data Type MyDataType | http://com.Diagonal/Demo/Richard: Namespace http://com.Diagonal/Demo/Richard is not defined in the software component version SAP BASIS 6.20

I dont understand why this is happening, the namespace is defined within the component version ok so why wont it let me activate it ?

Many thanks