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Feb 12, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Designing a brf application


Hello all,

I have been design and implement certain aspects of a development project through BRF. This is my initial thoughts on the process. The client uses a z-table to manage certain checks in the system; it uses it to turn off or on certain business checks- i wanted to implement this through BRF.

I have been exploring the options and reading the documentation; Is the following possible?

If < 3-char for variable - name = mode> ne 'STG'


msg 'E' with 'Mode must be stagnant'.

Now this is a preset business rule but in the future they may want to add other modes to ignore - or they would want to turn the entire check off. I dont think BRF would allow an authorized user to adjust the values directly in production system?

To implement it, i did the following

1) used the wizard to create the class, the standard implementation objects and the first event

2) created a context- and assigned it a structure which has the 'Mode ' variable in it

3)Created an expression from the context field- it generated an expression=- the result type is character

4)added the expression for the variable in the event-

Now when i execute the event, it asks for values of the structure; What i do not understand is how is the system going to check if my value of STG is there or not- there is nothing which i can configure/specify anywhere.

What are the next steps? and is the scenario possible where i can set up a simple context which just sends information back that this check is to be checked?-