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Feb 12, 2012 at 07:48 AM

Regarding Purchase Order Release Strategy


Dear SDNers,

I want to create a worfklow for PO release strategy.

For this to take events for BO, I swich on the evnet trace at swels.

After creation of PO, BUS2012 - RELEASESTEPCREATED even triggered.

For release the PO, BUS2012- RELEASESTEPCREATED,RELEASED two events were triggered.

But when I change PO, BUS2011 - CREATED_VIA_SPEC2000_MESSAGE event triggered.

No change event for BUS2012. I checked at SWEC. Radio button On change is selected for BUS2012-CHAGE event

Even though its not triggered. What might be the problem?

Thanks in advance,


Amarnath S