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Feb 10, 2012 at 04:43 PM

Redwood on solman 7.1


Hi All,

Current we are using Solman 7.01 with HP-UNIX and Oracle database. We are using our this solman server to run Redwood Application also. I checked our current Redwood version is M28.30-42169.

Now we are planning to install solman 7.1 server and will move all Redwood jobs on new Redwood running on Solman 7.1 server.

But I have few doubts in this Process ( Redwood Setup on new Solman 7.1 )

1) As I read Redwood component comes by default in solman 7.1 as component ST-PSM So please let me know what additional activities I need to do after installing solman 7.1.

2) What version of Redwood will come bydefault after installing solman 7.1

3) As I got from Master guide, I do not need to have License for Redwood in Solman 7.1 So please confirm do we get full version of Redwood free of cost in solman 7.1

4) I do not see any configutation guide available on Marketplace for 7.1, So please share ot let me know from where I can get this guide.

Thanks in Advance.

Shivam Mittal