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May 11, 2005 at 10:18 PM

How i upgrade Kernel for Mini WAS 620?


Hi folks, im new in the sap developer world. I have Mini WebAS 620 for windows installed. Everything is working fine, but I have too much questions about how to upgrade and patch the system. I have read some documents about mini was installation, but steps like "apply SP 24 to 36", "upgrade the kernel", "upgrade TP", "upgrade SPAM/SAINT" are not completely described for my basic knowledge. I don't know how to update the kernel, i don't know which files i need to download. When i go to marketplace a large list of files are showed to download under the path:

SAP KERNEL 32-BIT -> SAP KERNEL 6.20 32-BIT -> NT/I386

-> #Database independent

Which files do i need?. Are the files cumulative (newer patch contains older patches)? How i apply this upgrades?

Thank you for your collaboration and sorry about my english.