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Recommand std EHS substance structure, properties, characteristic ?

Dear EHS experts,

As a newby in EHS module, and before setup or specification database I am wondering about the best ways to setup our specification structure. As specification type, property tree, class, char. ... are the heart of the EHS database, I am wondering if I could setup these 4 types of object manually with Z object :

I means by creating :

=> ZREAL_SUB specification type,

=> ZCEHS_XXXX value assignement,

=> ZCEHS_XXXX class,

=> ZEHS_xxx characteristic,

=> ZEHS_xxx phrase Set,

Does this way of EHS customizing is dangeurous ?

Does some characteristics are very sensitive to any process ?

Our EHS final scope will be : Safety Data, Dangeurous Goods checks, Waste Mgt, IHS.

Thanks for your help.


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3 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 10, 2012 at 03:05 PM

    Hello Louis,

    Yes you can. But you ought to be careful somewhat, it does not make sense to create an object in the Z-namespace that already exists in the standard like the ZREAL_SUB you mentioned in your post. From my experience: The closer you stick to the standard, the lower the possibility to run into issues at some time later on.

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  • Posted on Feb 11, 2012 at 07:48 AM

    Hello all

    as explained. yes you could try to prepare a complete EH&S setup using "Z naming" convention. This is not recommended. Normal approach is: use a "sandbox client" install the SAP standard and then think of customer specific enhancements. Then take over SAP standard and customer specific enhancement in development line. Do not ! mix SAP standard EHS classes with Z characteristics. Be aware of the fact that by implementing "Enh. Pack", "Support Packs" etc. new EHS classes will be delivered.

    If you would be "consequent" you need to prepare Z phrase sets etc. E.g. identifers like NUM CAS it does not make really sense to implement NUM ZCAS only to be in customer name space.

    Further: sources, user defined texts customizing (regulatroy lists etc.) need to may be adapted too. The whole work is not worth the result. The SAP standard is a really good starting point to use and only if necessary you should add further e.g. classes etc.

    With best regards


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    • Hello

      I totally agree to what Ralph has explained. You can "play" aound in a sandbox or different client but it is absolutely not worth the work to "map" the "whole" standard SAP customizing into a Z namespace customizing. You need to adapt so my standard program (or check if they will run) that you lose only time and may be budget).

      By the way: the characteristic assigned ot th SAP classes does all make sense. These standard structure has been now developped other the last year with the assistance of many other SAP EH&S users and e.g. the chemist and others which will normally use EH&S should "immediatley" understand why this characteristic is in place.

      Keep in mind that EH&S PS, EH&S DG, EH&S Waste etc. combined in property trees etc. so the SAP Standard tree supports a lot of EH&S processes

      With best regards


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  • Posted on Feb 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM

    Thanks for your advice. I will keep as possible the EHS standard structure and class/char.


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