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Feb 10, 2012 at 01:57 PM

Recommand std EHS substance structure, properties, characteristic ?


Dear EHS experts,

As a newby in EHS module, and before setup or specification database I am wondering about the best ways to setup our specification structure. As specification type, property tree, class, char. ... are the heart of the EHS database, I am wondering if I could setup these 4 types of object manually with Z object :

I means by creating :

=> ZREAL_SUB specification type,

=> ZCEHS_XXXX value assignement,

=> ZCEHS_XXXX class,

=> ZEHS_xxx characteristic,

=> ZEHS_xxx phrase Set,

Does this way of EHS customizing is dangeurous ?

Does some characteristics are very sensitive to any process ?

Our EHS final scope will be : Safety Data, Dangeurous Goods checks, Waste Mgt, IHS.

Thanks for your help.