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Feb 10, 2012 at 01:21 PM

2LIS_02_HDR, 2LIS_02_itm.



i having a problem. I have keyfigures " Number of Scheduline agrements and Number of Sch, agreement Sche line" in purchase group cube which based on conditions in the field routine. like

if HDRVORG =3 and no_hdr<>0

result= no_hdr.

My problem is HDRVORG =3 not coming from data source and not able to find out in ECC.

my question is

1) where should i check in ECC.

2) what is the meaning of '3'

3) should i need to configure in ECC.

4) what is the table name.

2nd Problem: Number of Sch, agreement Sche line.

this key figure also based on condition if 0process key is 4, 14, 24....

these values are also not coming from ECC.

Note: this is new SAP SCM implementation.

Please help me to fix this issue,