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Feb 10, 2012 at 12:31 PM

InfoCube Load Performance


Hello Experts,

I am a beginner in SAP-BI. While loading data from DSo to Infocube i ran into few problems...

Here is the scenario:

- I am loading data into two Info Cubes called ZXYZ, ZABC and my source for this is a DSO(ZDSO) which is same for both the Info cubes.

- However when i triggered the both DTP's at same time, DTP to load into ZABC( ZDSO >ZABC) is running very fast ,Its taking 1-2 Mins to load 50000 records, but the DTP to load ZXYZ (ZDSO >ZXYZ) is running very slow and its taking 30 -45 Mins to load the 50000 records.

- My question is how to speed up this load? Also when you load the data into Info Cube will there be any Internal table comes into picture? If so what about the indexing to the table...

Please help me in speed up the load. Moreover there were no custom routines on the transformations on both the Infocubes.